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Feb 16, 2019

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Security Security Orchestration and Incident Response (Orchestration and Incident Response, White Paper) TechRepublic 02/15/2019 1
Security Investigation or Exasperation? The State of Security Operations (Investigation or Exasperation?, White Paper) IDC 02/04/2019 12
Administration Application Container Security Guide (Container Security Guide, White Paper) NIST 01/29/2019 18
Storage The State of Software-Defined Storage, Hyperconverged and Cloud Storage (State of SDS, White Paper) DataCore Software 01/28/2019 19
Compliance Maximizing the Value of Your Data Privacy Investments (Fewer Breaches at GDPR-Ready Firms, White Paper) Cisco Sytems 01/27/2019 20
Technology Do Crypto-Currencies Fuel Ransomware? (Crypto-Currencies Fueling Ransomware?, White Paper) IEEE 01/25/2019 22
Administration Best Practices for Container Security (Container Security Guide, Containers, White Paper) Alert Logic 01/22/2019 25
Cloud Top 10 Public Cloud Security Recommendations (Top Public Cloud Recommendations, White Paper) Palo Alto Networks 01/18/2019 29
Compliance The Complete Guide to GDPR (GDPR Complete Guide, White Paper) TechWorld 01/17/2019 30
Storage NVMe Over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) (NVMe Over Fabrics, White Paper) Mellanox 01/16/2019 31
Storage NVMe Over Fabrics Agenda (NVMe Over Fabrics Agenda, White Paper) nvm EXPRESS 01/16/2019 31
Technology The Complete Guide to Internet of Things (Complete Guide to IoT, White Paper) Tech World Insights 01/14/2019 33
Data Moving Data to the Cloud –Best Practices (Moving Data to the Cloud, White Paper) Virtual Instruments 01/13/2019 34
Operations Moving your Infrastructure to the Cloud (Cloud Infrastructure, White Paper) Diversity Limited 01/13/2019 34
Operations The Complete Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure (Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure, White Paper) Tech World Insights 01/09/2019 38
Administration Enterprise Container Platform Software Suites, Q4 2018 (Enterprise Container Platforms, Containers, White Paper) Forrester 01/08/2019 39
Cloud Open Stack Operations Guide (Cloud, White Paper) O'Reilly 01/05/2019 42
Connectivity Software-Defined WAN for Dummies (SW WAN for Dummies, White Paper) velocloud 01/03/2019 44
Technology 2018 Augmented and Virtual Reality Survey Report (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Survey Report, White Paper) Perkins Coie 01/01/2019 46
Management 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study (2018 Breach Cost, White Paper) IBM, Ponemon Institute LLC 12/22/2018 56
Cloud Serverless Computing: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (Serverless Pitfalls, White Paper) UC Berkeley 12/20/2018 58
Operations The Complete Guide To: Hyperconverged Infrastructure (Hyperconverged Infrastructure Guide, White Paper) IDG 12/17/2018 61
Technology The State Of Email Security (Email Security, White Paper) Mimecast Limited 12/14/2018 64
Cloud Strategically Achieving Multicloud Success (Multicloud Success Strategy, White Paper) F5/IBM 12/14/2018 64
Cloud Top 10 Public Cloud Security Recommendations (Security Recommendations, White Paper) Palo Alto Networks 12/14/2018 64
Cloud Key Considerations When Migrating Workloads to the Public Cloud (Migrating To The Public Cloud, White Paper) Insight 12/11/2018 67
Data The Complete Guide To: Data Science (Data Science Guide, White Paper) TechWorld 12/03/2018 75
Security Blockchain Applications for Identity Verification (Blockchain for Identity Verification, White Paper) Evident 11/28/2018 80
Security Fundamental Concepts of Cyber Resilience: Introduction and Overview (Fundamentals of Cyber Resistance, White Paper) R&D Center 11/26/2018 82
Cloud Closing the Cloud Security Business Gap (Mitigate Data Threats, White Paper) SalesForce 11/23/2018 85
Operations Data Center Power Distribution and Capacity Planning (Understanding Power, White paper) Raritan 11/22/2018 86
Security Would You Know if You've Been Breached? (Have You Been Breached, White Paper) thycotic 11/18/2018 90
Storage Performance Benefits of NVMe over Fibre Channel (NVMe vs Fibre, White Paper) Demartek 11/16/2018 92
Connectivity OM5 and OM4+ Fiber (OM5 vs OM4+ fiber , White Paper) Commscope 11/16/2018 92
Security AI and Cybersecurity for Dummies (Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity For Dummies, White Paper) IBM 11/16/2018 92
Devops DevOps Done Right (Barriers To Success, White Paper) New Relic 11/14/2018 94
Cloud An Introduction To the New IT Approach Called Hybrid IT (Hybrid Introduction, White Paper) WEI 11/14/2018 94
Security Zero Trust Security For Dummies (Security Zero Trust, White Paper) Centrify 11/09/2018 99
Operations A 6-Step Approach For ITSM And ITOM To Work Better Together (Getting ITSM & ITOM Working Together, White Paper) servicenow 11/08/2018 100
Storage NVMe in the Data Centre (NVMe, White Paper) architectingIT 11/06/2018 102
Security Gaining Ground On The Cyber Attacker (White Paper, State of Resilience) Accenture 11/04/2018 104
Operations Infrastructure Monitoring Software: Can You Afford It? (White Paper, Monitoring the Infrastructure) NetApp 10/31/2018 108
Operations Hyperconverged Infrastructure as a Catalyst for Change (White Paper, Hyperconverged Catalyst for Change) Freeform Dynamics/VMware 10/31/2018 108
Technology IoT Now Top Internet Attack Target (White Paper, IoT Attacks) F5 10/30/2018 109
Security The Changing Face of Cyber Attacks (White Paper, Cyber's Changing Face) Neustar, Inc. 10/29/2018 110
Cloud Containers At-Risk: A Review of 21,000 Cloud Environments (White Paper, Risky Containers) Lacework, Inc. 10/29/2018 110
Security Internet Security Threat Report (White Paper, Report on Threats) Symantec 10/29/2018 110
Operations Edge Data Centers (White Paper) TIA 10/25/2018 114
Connectivity 10 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do (White Paper) Palo Alto Networks 10/25/2018 114
Storage The State of Software-Defined Storage, Hyperconverged and Cloud Storage (White Paper) DataCore Software 10/25/2018 114
Operations Software-Defined Data Center - Get The Most Out of Today's Infrastructure (White Paper) IBM 10/25/2018 114
Security The Five News Headlines You Don't Want to Be About YOUR Organization (White Paper) Juniper Networks 10/25/2018 114
Data Do You Really Need Online Data Backups? (White Paper) Enterprise Technology Services 10/24/2018 115
Security Collaborating for Change in Cybersecurity (White Paper) ATLAS Council 10/12/2018 127
Security Vendor Security Assessment: 40 Questions To Address (White Paper) BitSight Technologies 10/10/2018 129
Data Archiving vs. Backup - What's the Difference? (White Paper) solarwinds 10/08/2018 131
Connectivity Current State Of SD-WAN Implementation and Deployment (White Paper) Talari Networks 10/08/2018 131