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Feb 16, 2019

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Technology Autonomous Cars Are Not Ready for Public Deployment (Autonomous Cars Not Ready, Self Driving Cars) TechRepublic 02/16/2019 New
Cloud Private Cloud 3.0 is Here (Cloud 3.0 Arrives, Cloud 1.0, Cloud 2.0)) IT Web 02/16/2019 New
Management Three Reasons Employee Monitoring Software is Making A Comeback (Why Employee Monitoring is Reviving) HelpNet Security 02/16/2019 New
Management World's Hot Alternative Energy Projects Network World 02/16/2019 New
Bit bucket Machine Learning: The Deplorable State of Deployment ComputerWorld 02/16/2019 New
Compliance How GDPR Affects Background Checking (Background Checking & GDPR) TLNT 02/15/2019 1
Data Big Data, IoT Will Drive World's Data To Grow 5X By 2025 (5X Growth Fueled By IotT TechRepublic 02/15/2019 1
Management Cybersecurity Mental Health Warning -- 1 In 6 CISOs Now Medicate or Use Alcohol (CISOs Self Medicating to Cope) Forbes 02/15/2019 1
Security Security Orchestration and Incident Response (Orchestration and Incident Response, White Paper) TechRepublic 02/15/2019 1
Management What to Do When Your Project Manager Isn't Performing (Poor Performing Project Manager) TechRepublic 02/14/2019 2
Management Why IT's Image Needs a Makeover (Time for a Makeover) TechRepublic 02/14/2019 2
Management Four Skills CISOs Should Develop to Succeed In 2019 (CISO Must Have Skills) Networks Asia 02/14/2019 2
Connectivity 2019: The Dawn of 5G (5G Coming of Age, 4G Evo, 5GCN) Networks Asia 02/14/2019 2
Security Most Companies Anticipate a Critical Breach In 2019, CISOs Need to Prioritize Threats (Prioritize Threats) HelpNet Security 02/14/2019 2
Cloud Tips to Selecting the Best Cloud Backup Solution (Selecting Backup Solutions) DCIG 02/14/2019 2
Operations The Next Milestone: Quantum Data Centers (Quantum Data Centers) Data Center Dynamics 02/14/2019 2
Operations DRaaS Benefits that Make Ditching Traditional DR Worth it (Switching to DRaaS) Search Disaster Recovery 02/14/2019 2
Storage After 1 to 6, New RAID Level, PentaRAID, From Start-Up Xoralgo (Beyond RAID 6 & 7) Storage Newsletter 02/13/2019 3
Technology Questions in Quantum Computing: How to Move Electrons with Light (Moving Electrons With Light) Science Daily 02/13/2019 3
Compliance Navigating the Digital Landscape Beyond Data Protection Regulations (Beyond Data Protection Regulations, GDPR) Networks Asia 02/13/2019 3
Cloud Tightening the Belt on Excess Spending for Cloud (Tighten the Belt on Excess Spending) InformationWeek 02/13/2019 3
Operations Devastating Cyberattack on Email Provider Destroys 18 Years of Data (18 Years of Data Destroyed in Cyberattack) Dark Reading 02/13/2019 3
Storage Cloud and Backup Top Storage Priorities for 2019 (2019 Top Priorities: Cloud & Backup) ComputerWeekly 02/13/2019 3