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Dec 16, 2018

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Category Recent Bit bucket Articles Source Posted Date Age
Bit bucket Machine Learning: The Deplorable State of Deployment ComputerWorld 12/16/2018 New
Bit bucket What Tech Mega Hubs Will Do to East Coast Cities (Mega Hub Issues) InformationWeek 12/15/2018 1
Bit bucket Photos: 25 Bad Tech Gifts to Avoid Giving this Holiday Season (Really Bad Tech Gifts) TechRepublic 11/21/2018 25
Bit bucket 31 Books Every Techie Should Read (Must Reads for Techies) TechRepublic 11/16/2018 30
Bit bucket 10 Signs You May Not Be Cut Out for IT (Decide if IT Is Your Career) TechRepublic 11/14/2018 32
Bit bucket The Best Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers (Co-Worker Holiday Gifts) TechRepublic 11/10/2018 36
Bit bucket Scientists Theorize New Origin Story for Earth's Water (Origins of Water) Science Daily 11/08/2018 38
Bit bucket Why Your First Programming Language doesn't Really Matter (First Language Doesn't Matter) TechRepublic 11/07/2018 39
Bit bucket Best Gifts: 20 Luxury Gadgets for the Billionaire Who Has Everything (Billionaire Gadgets) ZDnet 10/29/2018 48
Bit bucket The Best Tech Gifts for 2018 (Gifts for Your Techie) TechRepublic 10/27/2018 50
Bit bucket Scientists Develop Cell-Sized Robots to Seek Out Disease While Floating In the Bloodstream v3 co uk 10/25/2018 52
Bit bucket 20 Most Important Tech Inventions of the Past 100 Years TechRepublic 10/25/2018 52
Bit bucket The 25 most Underappreciated Science Fiction/Fantasy Characters TechRepublic 10/24/2018 53
Bit bucket Supermassive Black Holes and Supercomputers Science Daily 10/17/2018 60
Bit bucket The 51 Coolest Laptop Stickers of All Time TechRepublic 10/15/2018 62
Bit bucket Take My Advice: The Only Safe ID Is a Fake ID The Register 10/12/2018 65
Bit bucket Have Some Scary Fun with These Halloween Techie Gifts and Gear TechRepublic 10/12/2018 65
Bit bucket The 3 Most Valuable IT Skills that Will Advance Your Career TechRepublic 10/12/2018 65
Bit bucket What No One Has Told You About How to Land a Promotion Fast Company 10/10/2018 67
Bit bucket Why You Shouldn't Think Outside the Box The Ladders 10/09/2018 68
Bit bucket NASA's Voyager 2 Probe Detects Increase In Cosmic Rays as It Approaches the Heliosphere v3 co uk 10/08/2018 69
Bit bucket On The Seventh Anniversary Of Steve Jobs' Death, We Give You 7 Times He Served Humanity and Acted As An Example to Others The Register 10/05/2018 72
Bit bucket 15 Luxury Tech Products for Business Pros TechRepublic 10/04/2018 73
Bit bucket Never, Ever 'Wing It.' This is How To Prepare to Sound Spontaneous Fast Company 10/04/2018 73
Bit bucket Follow These 6 Steps to Become a Better Negotiator at Work TechRepublic 10/03/2018 74
Bit bucket Why Nothing Fails Like Success The Ladders 10/02/2018 75
Bit bucket How to Get Over Your Pre-Presentation Jitters The Ladders 10/01/2018 76
Bit bucket How to Go from CS Dropout to Software Engineer in 5 Steps TechRepublic 10/01/2018 76
Bit bucket Why We Confuse Rejection with Questions, Negotiations, and Objections Fast Company 09/28/2018 79
Bit bucket He 5G Revolution is Coming. Here's Everything You Need to Know cnet 09/27/2018 80
Bit bucket How to Retain Your Best IT Workers InformationWeek 09/26/2018 81
Bit bucket That Scary Old System with 'Do Not Touch' On It? Your Boss Very Much Wants You to Touch It. Now What Do You Do? The Register 09/25/2018 82
Bit bucket 3 Questions I ask Before Making Decisions The Ladders 09/25/2018 82
Bit bucket Smaller, Faster and More Efficient Modulator Sets to Revolutionize Optoelectronic Industry Science Daily 09/24/2018 83
Bit bucket Four Things You Absolutely Must Do in Your Salary Negotiation Fast Company 09/24/2018 83
Bit bucket Nearly 60% of Tech Talent say There's Something More Important than Compensation Business 2 Community 09/22/2018 85
Bit bucket Five Key Points for Every SLA TechRepublic 09/20/2018 87
Bit bucket Think Like An Attacker: How a Red Team Operates Dark Reading 09/20/2018 87
Bit bucket Moore's Law Is Dead': Three Predictions About the Computers of Tomorrow TechRepublic 09/19/2018 88
Bit bucket How Edge Computing Will Change Enterprise IT InformationWeek 09/19/2018 88
Bit bucket Five Ways Your Body Language is Inadvertently Offending People Fast Company 09/19/2018 88
Bit bucket Awareness and Tendency Towards Risky Online Behavior HelpNet Security 09/18/2018 89
Bit bucket Here's What U.S. Employers Need to Know About Sending Workers Abroad TLNT 09/17/2018 90
Bit bucket Why Banks Didn't Rip and Replace Their Mainframes Network World 09/17/2018 90
Bit bucket Why Banks Didn't 'Rip and Replace' Their Mainframes Network World 09/17/2018 90
Bit bucket We're Finally Getting the Smartwatches We Wanted Five Years Ago cnet 09/17/2018 90
Bit bucket Here Are the 10 Tech Trends You Should Really Be Watching in 2018 TechRepublic 09/13/2018 94
Bit bucket 5 Things You Should Know About Dark Fiber NetworkComputing 09/13/2018 94
Bit bucket How to Move from Fear to Fearlessness The Ladders 09/12/2018 95
Bit bucket Five Easy Ways to Sound Smarter Fast Company 09/10/2018 97
Bit bucket All the Things You're Doing Wrong in Negotiations Fast Company 09/10/2018 97
Bit bucket HP's Metal Jet 3D Printer may Build Your Next Car's Innards cnet 09/10/2018 97
Bit bucket TLS 1.3 Won't Break Everything Dark Reading 09/07/2018 100
Bit bucket Voyager 1 Left The Planet 41 Years Ago The Register 09/06/2018 101
Bit bucket Nope, The NSA Isn't Sitting In Front Of A Supercomputer Hooked Up to a Terrorist's Hard Drive The Register 09/06/2018 101
Bit bucket The Deep-Learning Revolution: How Understanding The Brain Will let Us Supercharge AI TechRepublic 09/06/2018 101
Bit bucket Experiment Obtains Entanglement of Six Light Waves With a Single Laser Science Daily 09/06/2018 101
Bit bucket The SOC Gets a Makeover Dark Reading 09/06/2018 101
Bit bucket 5 Bad Habits of Ineffective IT Departments InformationWeek 09/05/2018 102
Bit bucket 10 Roadblocks to Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise InformationWeek 09/04/2018 103
Bit bucket You've Just Experienced a Presentation Nightmare, What Now? Fast Company 09/04/2018 103
Bit bucket Card Shimming Targets EMV Payment Cards Business 2 Community 09/03/2018 104
Bit bucket The 10 Most Underrated Office Gadgets of All Time TechRepublic 08/30/2018 108
Bit bucket Introduction to Infrastructure as Code NetworkComputing 08/30/2018 108
Bit bucket 4 Benefits of a World with Less Privacy Dark Reading 08/30/2018 108
Bit bucket 10 Resume Tips You Probably Haven't Thought of Fast Company 08/29/2018 109
Bit bucket Don't Keep Your Customer Waiting Networks Asia 08/28/2018 110
Bit bucket Ask Yourself These 7 Questions When Preparing for a Negotiation Fast Company 08/28/2018 110
Bit bucket In The Race of Life, The Tortoise Beats the Hare Every Time Science Daily 08/27/2018 111
Bit bucket Bowtie-Funnel Combo Best for Conducting Light; Team Found Answer In Simple Equation Science Daily 08/24/2018 114
Bit bucket Hiring IT Specialists: Experience Still Matters InformationWeek 08/22/2018 116
Bit bucket When Managers Should Be Fair and When They Should Challenge the Rules Fast Company 08/22/2018 116
Bit bucket It Takes an Average 38 Days to Patch a Vulnerability Dark Reading 08/22/2018 116
Bit bucket How to Get the Raise You Deserve: A 5 Step Plan TechRepublic 08/21/2018 117
Bit bucket Toward Fast-Charging Solid-State Batteries Science Daily 08/20/2018 118
Bit bucket Make Shadow IT a Force for Good InformationWeek 08/20/2018 118
Bit bucket Really Want that Job? Don't Make These Six Mistakes Fast Company 08/20/2018 118
Bit bucket California Firefighters Use Augmented Reality in Battle Against Record Infernos ZDnet 08/17/2018 121
Bit bucket This is How You Should End Your Four Most Common Work Conversations Fast Company 08/17/2018 121
Bit bucket The Secret to Getting Work Done in an Open Office Fast Company 08/17/2018 121
Bit bucket The 5 Challenges of Detecting Fileless Malware Attacks Dark Reading 08/17/2018 121
Bit bucket 7 Things Albert Einstein Taught Me about Creativity The Ladders 08/16/2018 122
Bit bucket How to Prepare for the Three Most Common Types of Negotiation At Work Fast Company 08/16/2018 122
Bit bucket Create This List of Questions to Help You Shut Down Interruptions Fast Company 08/16/2018 122
Bit bucket Boffins Build the Smallest Transistor, Controlled By an Atom The Register 08/15/2018 123
Bit bucket How to Get the Most from Deduplication Software TechRepublic 08/15/2018 123
Bit bucket Data Recovery Do's and Don'ts for IT Teams TechRepublic 08/15/2018 123
Bit bucket What Is DHCP, And Why Might its Days May Be Numbered as IPv6 Grows? Networks Asia 08/15/2018 123
Bit bucket What CDOs and CAOs Want You to Know InformationWeek 08/15/2018 123
Bit bucket Containerization Requires Changes to Some Familiar Development Processes Information Management 08/15/2018 123
Bit bucket 9 Realistic Work Perks Every Employee would Love The Ladders 08/14/2018 124
Bit bucket Three A's of SaaS Adoption, And Why Every Company Goes Through Them HelpNet Security 08/14/2018 124
Bit bucket Mathematicians Solve Age-Old Spaghetti Mystery Science Daily 08/13/2018 125
Bit bucket There Are 4 Types of Motivation-Here's What Each Does to Your Brain Fast Company 08/13/2018 125
Bit bucket Psychologists Explain How Left-Handed People Work Differently Fast Company 08/13/2018 125
Bit bucket Social Engineers Show off Their Tricks Dark Reading 08/13/2018 125
Bit bucket Data Veracity Challenge Puts Spotlight on Trust Information Management 08/10/2018 128
Bit bucket How to Read the Virtual Body Language Of Remote Workers TLNT 08/09/2018 129
Bit bucket Couldn't Get Out To The Valley? Here's a Taste of the Flashy Goodness You've Been Missing The Register 08/09/2018 129
Bit bucket 5 Unspoken Rules of Being a Manager that No One Tells You About Fast Company 08/08/2018 130
Bit bucket Facial Recognition Tech To Be Used On Olympians and Staff at Tokyo 2020 The Register 08/07/2018 131
Bit bucket How to Make Friends at Your Brand New Job The Ladders 08/07/2018 131
Bit bucket Do You Need a Vulnerability Disclosure Program? The Feds Say Yes CSO Online 08/07/2018 131
Bit bucket Atlanta Ransomware Recovery Cost Now at $17 Million, Reports Say SC Magazine 08/06/2018 132
Bit bucket Let Decided Decisions Stay Decided Project Management Advisor 08/06/2018 132
Bit bucket Why Smart People Never Bring Smartphones into Meetings The Ladders 08/05/2018 133
Bit bucket How to Identify a High-Performing Tech Job Candidate: 5 Traits TechRepublic 08/03/2018 135
Bit bucket Is SMS 2FA Enough Login Protection? Dark Reading 08/03/2018 135
Bit bucket 4 Reasons Why Companies are Failing at Incident Response Dark Reading 08/03/2018 135
Bit bucket Computing Should Be Based on Light, not Electricity, Scientists Say Network World 08/02/2018 136
Bit bucket Shark! A Toothy Ton of Data InformationWeek 08/02/2018 136
Bit bucket A Colossal Breakthrough For Topological Spintronics Science Daily 07/31/2018 138
Bit bucket When Air No Longer Cuts It: Inside Google's AI-Driven Shift to Liquid Cooling Data Center Knowledge 07/31/2018 138
Bit bucket 7 Ways to Build Trust With Others The Ladders 07/27/2018 142
Bit bucket Securing Our Interconnected Infrastructure Dark Reading 07/25/2018 144
Bit bucket 'Password Check Required'? Not So Fast Dark Reading 07/25/2018 144
Bit bucket Psst, says Qualcomm... Kid, You Wanna See What a 5G Antenna Looks Like? The Register 07/24/2018 145
Bit bucket How Google has Kept 85K Employees from Getting Phished Since 2017 TechRepublic 07/24/2018 145
Bit bucket Tips for Avoiding Pitfalls in Transitions to MTDCs Networks Asia 07/24/2018 145
Bit bucket New Report Shows Pen Testers Usually Win Dark Reading 07/24/2018 145
Bit bucket 10 Things You Should Never Say When Making a Presentation The Ladders 07/23/2018 146
Bit bucket 10 Reasons to Avoid One-Off Configurations TechRepublic 07/23/2018 146
Bit bucket The 10 Rules Found in Every Good Remote Work Policy TechRepublic 07/20/2018 149
Bit bucket 12 Top Emerging Technologies Digital Insurance 07/20/2018 149
Bit bucket 6 Usability Testing Methods that Will Improve Your Software InfoWorld 07/19/2018 150
Bit bucket 6 Ways to Tell an Insider Has Gone Rogue Dark Reading 07/19/2018 150
Bit bucket Here's Why You can't Hit Home Runs Every Time The Ladders 07/18/2018 151
Bit bucket Google: Here Are the 10 Traits Of A Great Manager TechRepublic 07/18/2018 151
Bit bucket How IT Engineers can Influence Process Change NetworkComputing 07/18/2018 151
Bit bucket How to Avoid a Bad Hire: 4 Red Flags to Watch For TechRepublic 07/17/2018 152
Bit bucket IT Infrastructure: The Unsung Hero of the Digital Future Networks Asia 07/17/2018 152
Bit bucket 7 IT Infrastructure Certifications Gaining Value NetworkComputing 07/17/2018 152
Bit bucket Study Of High-Energy Neutrinos again Proves Einstein Right Science Daily 07/16/2018 153
Bit bucket 5 Signs Your IT Infrastructure is Falling Behind InformationWeek 07/16/2018 153
Bit bucket 10 Ways to Protect Protocols That Aren't DNS Dark Reading 07/16/2018 153
Bit bucket Old Age Argument Workforce 07/15/2018 154
Bit bucket The Not So Obvious Reasons Your Teams are Underperforming TLNT 07/12/2018 157
Bit bucket 4 Things to Do When You Want to Leave One Team for Another at Work The Ladders 07/12/2018 157
Bit bucket SD-Branch: 4 Things to Know NetworkComputing 07/11/2018 158
Bit bucket 26 Weird and Useful Things to 3D Print for Your Desk TechRepublic 07/09/2018 160
Bit bucket Scientists Develop First Single-Photon Transistor Using a Semiconductor Chip v3 co uk 07/06/2018 163
Bit bucket Astronomers Prove that Einstein's Theory Of Relativity Holds Up Even for Massive Three-Star System v3 co uk 07/06/2018 163
Bit bucket Researchers Build Ultra-Long Distance Fibre Links IT News 07/06/2018 163
Bit bucket Reactive or Proactive? Making the Case for New Kill Chains Dark Reading 07/06/2018 163
Bit bucket Why Employee Satisfaction Should be a Top Priority CMS Wire 07/06/2018 163
Bit bucket Make the Leap from IT 'Pro' to IT 'Manager' Information Management 07/05/2018 164
Bit bucket Is The Race to Autonomy Another Race to the Bottom? cnet 07/05/2018 164
Bit bucket Photos: The 20 Most Influential Programmers of All Time TechRepublic 07/04/2018 165
Bit bucket BP IT Chief: We Became too Reliant on Third Parties Networks Asia 07/04/2018 165
Bit bucket What Is a Product Manager? A Complex, Cross-Functional Role in IT IT World 07/03/2018 166
Bit bucket 5 Choices that Damage Your Professional Reputation The Ladders 07/02/2018 167
Bit bucket The Limitations of Machine Learning Business 2 Community 07/01/2018 168
Bit bucket Premortems: Reflections of the Future, Not the Past Business 2 Community 06/30/2018 169
Bit bucket Good News! You Do in Fact Learn from Your Mistakes, Study Finds The Ladders 06/29/2018 170
Bit bucket 5 Things Positive People Never Do The Ladders 06/29/2018 170
Bit bucket Why PGP is Fundamentally Flawed and Needs to Be Fixed TechRepublic 06/28/2018 171
Bit bucket IT Mission, Vision and Values Statements: Foundations for Success CIO 06/28/2018 171
Bit bucket 10 Creative Ways to Help Working Parents Benefit News 06/28/2018 171
Bit bucket The Two-Speed Arrival of 5G telecomasia 06/27/2018 172
Bit bucket What is Julia? A Fresh Approach to Numerical Computing InfoWorld 06/27/2018 172
Bit bucket The End of Vendors as We Know Them? NetworkComputing 06/26/2018 173
Bit bucket 7 Warning Signs that You Shouldn't Accept a Job Offer Fast Company 06/26/2018 173
Bit bucket The Daily Routine of 20 Famous Writers (And How You Can Use Them to Succeed) The Ladders 06/25/2018 174
Bit bucket 13 Body Language Blunders that Can Make You Look Bad The Ladders 06/24/2018 175
Bit bucket Researchers Warn Orgs Should Plan for Partial IT Failures in Addition to System Outages SC Magazine 06/21/2018 178
Bit bucket Einstein Proved Right in Another Galaxy Science Daily 06/21/2018 178
Bit bucket Will Containers Replace VMs? InformationWeek 06/21/2018 178
Bit bucket LA Fitness, 'Hotel California' and the Fallacy of Digital Transformation CIO 06/21/2018 178
Bit bucket Nmap Tutorial: Host Discovery NetworkComputing 06/20/2018 179
Bit bucket 3 Problems with USB-C You Need to Know About How To Geek 06/20/2018 179
Bit bucket Working from Home: 5 Hidden Downsides No One Talks About TechRepublic 06/19/2018 180
Bit bucket Tesla Employee Sabotage Illustrates Critical Importance of User Permissions TechRepublic 06/19/2018 180
Bit bucket Tesla Hit By Insider Saboteur Who Changed Code, Exfiltrated Data SC Magazine 06/19/2018 180
Bit bucket Flying Under the Radar: Four Increasingly Common Phishes You should Know About SC Magazine 06/19/2018 180
Bit bucket The Four Principles of a Robust DDoS Defense Networks Asia 06/18/2018 181
Bit bucket Sometimes You Need to Eat the Frog Later TLNT 06/15/2018 184
Bit bucket 5 Signs that Show You're Manager Material Fast Company 06/14/2018 185
Bit bucket Four Faces of Fraud: Identity, 'Fake' Identity, Ransomware & Digital Dark Reading 06/14/2018 185
Bit bucket 4 Ways Insurers can Retain Their Best IT Staff Digital Insurance 06/13/2018 186
Bit bucket Expect the Unexpected: Mitigating the Risks of Natural Disasters Risk Management Monitor 06/13/2018 186
Bit bucket Do You See the Invisible People? TLNT 06/12/2018 187
Bit bucket 'Shift Left' & the Connected Car Dark Reading 06/12/2018 187
Bit bucket 8 Phrases a Great Boss Will Constantly Tell Their Employees The Ladders 06/11/2018 188
Bit bucket Analyst Research: ROI of Pen Testing as a Service HelpNet Security 06/11/2018 188
Bit bucket 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Have to Make a Big Decision Fast Company 06/11/2018 188
Bit bucket Worst. Birthday. Ever. IPv6's Party falls Flat The Register 06/10/2018 189
Bit bucket Credential Abuse Attacks -- Have You Checked Your Accounts Lately? Networks Asia 06/10/2018 189
Bit bucket 4 Harsh Truths that Will Make You a Better Person The Ladders 06/09/2018 190
Bit bucket Do Helium-Filled Hard Drives Have a Lower Failure Rate? ZDnet 06/06/2018 193
Bit bucket Here Are the 2 Biggest IT Priorities for Boards of Directors TechRepublic 06/06/2018 193
Bit bucket Meltdown and Spectre: The Case for Detection SC Magazine 06/06/2018 193
Bit bucket How Do You Weigh a Galaxy? Especially the One You're In? Science Daily 06/06/2018 193
Bit bucket 6 Years on, IPv4 Still Dominates IPv6 Network World 06/06/2018 193
Bit bucket "Failing Fast" Didn't Make Me a Better Entrepreneur Fast Company 06/06/2018 193
Bit bucket Should You Post a Negative Review of Your Former Company? Fast Company 06/05/2018 194
Bit bucket 'EFAIL' Is Why We Can't have Golden Keys Dark Reading 06/05/2018 194
Bit bucket Three Models for Determining the True Value of Data Information Management 06/04/2018 195
Bit bucket 5 Tips for Protecting SOHO Routers Against the VPNFilter Malware Dark Reading 06/02/2018 197
Bit bucket Here's What You Need to Attract and Keep Your Young Talent TLNT 06/01/2018 198
Bit bucket Watch How TIME Created a Cover Out of 958 Drones Review Geek 06/01/2018 198
Bit bucket PaaS Platforms are Dead, Thanks to IaaS Providers InfoWorld 06/01/2018 198
Bit bucket 18 Maxims of Successful IT Consulting TechRepublic 05/31/2018 199
Bit bucket The 6 Reasons Why We've Failed to Stop Botnets TechRepublic 05/31/2018 199
Bit bucket The NVMe Transition NetworkComputing 05/31/2018 199
Bit bucket How To Be The Global IT Executive InformationWeek 05/31/2018 199
Bit bucket Why We Need to Be Mindful of Who Programs AI Business 2 Community 05/31/2018 199
Bit bucket Building Nanomaterials for Next-Generation Computing Science Daily 05/30/2018 200
Bit bucket Don't Believe the Hype: We're a Long Way from 5G IT World 05/30/2018 200
Bit bucket Ten Best Practices for Outsmarting Ransomware SC Magazine 05/29/2018 201
Bit bucket Porsche's Tech Live Look Glasses Bring AR to the Dealership cnet 05/29/2018 201
Bit bucket SIP Trunking: Navigating International Risks No Jitter 05/25/2018 205
Bit bucket The Rising Value of Information and the Law's Response IT Web 05/25/2018 205
Bit bucket 9 Traits of Emerging Disruptors InformationWeek 05/25/2018 205
Bit bucket How Big are Gigabytes, Terabytes, and Petabytes? How To Geek 05/25/2018 205
Bit bucket You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online? It just happened The Register 05/24/2018 206
Bit bucket Stumbling Upon a Communications Time Warp No Jitter 05/24/2018 206
Bit bucket Take a Wrong Turn with ERP and Wind up in Court InformationWeek 05/24/2018 206
Bit bucket These Are the 4 Different Work Styles and How To Work With Each The Ladders 05/24/2018 206
Bit bucket Conversation Is a Skill. Here's How to Be Better At It The Ladders 05/22/2018 208
Bit bucket Don't Get Side-Tracked by Flashy Metrics, Success is in the People InformationWeek 05/22/2018 208
Bit bucket Summer Gadget Guide for IT Nerds NetworkComputing 05/21/2018 209
Bit bucket You're a Bad Listener: Here's How to Remember What People Say Fast Company 05/21/2018 209
Bit bucket Why You are Probably Thinking About Ransomware the Wrong Way... Continuity Central 05/21/2018 209
Bit bucket The World's Best Violins Sing Like Humans Atlas Obscura 05/21/2018 209
Bit bucket Three-Hour Outage Renders Nest-Equipped Smart Homes very Dumb The Register 05/17/2018 213
Bit bucket Git Push Origin Undo-my-Last-Disaster The Register 05/17/2018 213
Bit bucket Self-Assembling 3D Battery Would Charge in Seconds Science Daily 05/17/2018 213
Bit bucket 3 Simple Steps That Stop You from Being a Pushover Fast Company 05/17/2018 213
Bit bucket Why Isn't Integrity Getting the Attention It Deserves? Dark Reading 05/17/2018 213
Bit bucket Get Ready for 'WannaCry 2.0' Dark Reading 05/17/2018 213
Bit bucket Hiroshi Ishiguro Wants a Humanoid Future TechWorld 05/16/2018 214
Bit bucket 7 Secrets to Scaling With Microservices InfoWorld 05/16/2018 214
Bit bucket These Are the Most Important Minutes of Any Meeting Fast Company 05/16/2018 214
Bit bucket Don't Roll the Dice When Prioritizing Vulnerability Fixes Dark Reading 05/15/2018 215
Bit bucket Want to Sound Smarter? Master These 7 Grammar Tips The Ladders 05/14/2018 216
Bit bucket Four Easy Ways to Give Your New Hire a Great First Day Fast Company 05/14/2018 216
Bit bucket VR Games Can Look Amazing with this Game-Changing Imaging Tech cnet 05/13/2018 217
Bit bucket Researchers Hide Information in Plain Text Science Daily 05/10/2018 220
Bit bucket Strain Improves Performance of Atomically Thin Semiconductor Material Science Daily 05/10/2018 220
Bit bucket 6 Reasons to Pump the Brakes on AI IT World 05/09/2018 221
Bit bucket Ticketmaster Working on Facial Identification System to Replace Tickets v3 co uk 05/08/2018 222
Bit bucket The Essential High-Tech Graduation Gift Guide TechRepublic 05/07/2018 223
Bit bucket 10 habits of unlikeable people The Ladders 05/06/2018 224
Bit bucket How to Convince the C-Suite to Make Learning a Priority TLNT 05/04/2018 226
Bit bucket We Just Wanna Torque: Spinning Transfer Boffins say Torque Memory Near The Register 05/02/2018 228
Bit bucket They're Your Employees; Listen to Them InformationWeek 05/01/2018 229
Bit bucket Password Reuse Abounds, New Survey Shows Dark Reading 05/01/2018 229
Bit bucket Bad Habits You Must Immediately Break to Improve Your Life The Ladders 04/30/2018 230
Bit bucket 5 Reasons You're not Getting Enough Sleep Fast Company 04/30/2018 230
Bit bucket The 10 Things Confident People won't Ever Do The Ladders 04/29/2018 231
Bit bucket Time for 5G Pragmatism Networks Asia 04/28/2018 232
Bit bucket 'Zero Login:' The Rise of Invisible Identity Dark Reading 04/27/2018 233
Bit bucket Things To Know About Fileless Attacks TechRepublic 04/26/2018 234
Bit bucket Tackling Edge Computing Challenges NetworkComputing 04/26/2018 234
Bit bucket The Default SAP Configuration That Every Enterprise Needs to Fix Dark Reading 04/26/2018 234
Bit bucket Haunting Video of 3D-Printed Morphing Matter That Folds to Assemble Itself ZDnet 04/25/2018 235
Bit bucket IT Must Patch Against Total Meltdown Now: the Source Code Is on GitHub TechRepublic 04/25/2018 235
Bit bucket Einstein's 'Spooky Action' Goes Massive Science Daily 04/25/2018 235
Bit bucket Switch Controls Light on a Nanoscale for Faster Information Processing Science Daily 04/25/2018 235
Bit bucket Are You a Stress Addict? TLNT 04/23/2018 237
Bit bucket Biometrics and the Law: Police Try to Unlock Phone with Dead Man's Fingerprint TechRepublic 04/23/2018 237
Bit bucket Most Dangerous Attack Techniques, and What's Coming Next HelpNet Security 04/23/2018 237
Bit bucket The 5 Most Important Skills a CTO Can Have On Their LinkedIn Profile TechRepublic 04/19/2018 241
Bit bucket A Critical Look at Mission-Critical Infrastructure Data Center Knowledge 04/19/2018 241
Bit bucket How Fact-Checking Could Thwart Phishing Attacks TechRepublic 04/18/2018 242
Bit bucket Researchers Propose Scheme to Secure Brain Implants HelpNet Security 04/18/2018 242
Bit bucket The Role of KPIs in Incident Response Dark Reading 04/18/2018 242
Bit bucket How to Prevent Phishing By Studying the Psychology Behind Digital Fraud TechRepublic 04/17/2018 243
Bit bucket 75% of Consumers Won't Buy Your Product if They Don't Trust You to Protect Their Data TechRepublic 04/17/2018 243
Bit bucket Troubleshooting a Router Installation NetworkComputing 04/17/2018 243
Bit bucket How to Write Thank-You Notes that Impress Hiring Managers Fast Company 04/17/2018 243
Bit bucket Preparing for Hurricane Season and Other Severe Weather Events Continuity Central 04/17/2018 243
Bit bucket 10 Questions to Help You Know If the Candidate Will Fit In TLNT 04/16/2018 244
Bit bucket 5 Tips for Managing Shadow IT without Destroying Innovation TechRepublic 04/16/2018 244
Bit bucket Edge Computing Applications: 3 Traits NetworkComputing 04/16/2018 244
Bit bucket The Simple Equation Every Manager Needs to Build (or Repair) Trust Fast Company 04/16/2018 244
Bit bucket 7 Types of Words You Need to Stop Capitalizing The Ladders 04/12/2018 248
Bit bucket The Best Cover Letters: How to Write a Great Cover Letter The Ladders 04/11/2018 249
Bit bucket Why Building Tech Infrastructure for the Commonwealth Games is so Tough Networks Asia 04/11/2018 249
Bit bucket Facial Recognition: Getting Us Closer to Real Behaviour Than Ever Before Business 2 Community 04/11/2018 249
Bit bucket Don't Let Governance Impede Collaboration No Jitter 04/10/2018 250
Bit bucket IT's Worst Addictions (and How to Cure Them) IT World 04/10/2018 250
Bit bucket How the Human Factor Puts Your Company at Risk HelpNet Security 04/10/2018 250
Bit bucket Machine Learning: A cheat sheet TechRepublic 04/09/2018 251
Bit bucket A Bad Day with Mobile 2FA ComputerWorld 04/09/2018 251
Bit bucket 10 Habits of Mentally Strong People The Ladders 04/07/2018 253
Bit bucket Can This 'National DDoS Radar' Plan Help Fight Off Attacks on Dutch Critical Systems? ZDnet 04/06/2018 254
Bit bucket Managers, Take These Steps to Prevent Your Employees from Burning Out Fast Company 04/06/2018 254
Bit bucket Stripping the Attacker Dark Reading 04/06/2018 254
Bit bucket 40+ Questions HR Experts Want Every Job Candidate To Ask The Ladders 04/05/2018 255
Bit bucket The 'Dao Moment' of Privacy No Jitter 04/05/2018 255
Bit bucket Why IT Costs Keep Rising (and How to Resist the Climb) InformationWeek 04/05/2018 255
Bit bucket This Common Mistake is Sabotaging Your Memory Fast Company 04/05/2018 255
Bit bucket Breakthrough Made in Atomically Thin Magnets Science Daily 04/04/2018 256
Bit bucket Smart Ink Adds New Dimensions to 3-D Printing Science Daily 04/04/2018 256
Bit bucket Ethical Tech: Myth or Reality? InformationWeek 04/04/2018 256
Bit bucket Master These 7 Grammar Tips If You Want to Sound Smarter The Ladders 04/03/2018 257
Bit bucket Tech Trends: Top 8 Priorities for IT InformationWeek 04/03/2018 257
Bit bucket Here's When It's Actually Good to Multitask Fast Company 04/03/2018 257
Bit bucket New Attack Vector Shows Dangers of S3 Sleep Mode Dark Reading 04/03/2018 257
Bit bucket Prosthetic Hands Get Smart -- and a Sense Of Touch cnet 04/03/2018 257
Bit bucket Is Your Perimeter Secure? SC Magazine 04/02/2018 258
Bit bucket IPv4 Subnetting Best Practices NetworkComputing 04/02/2018 258
Bit bucket How Canada's World-Class Zero-Gravity Research Facilities Helped Send HP's Printer to Space IT World Canada 04/02/2018 258
Bit bucket Turnover is Contagious. Here's How to Spot It and Stop It TLNT 03/30/2018 261
Bit bucket 10 Communication Habits that Ruin Relationships TLNT 03/30/2018 261
Bit bucket Take The Dashboard Too Literally and Your Brains Might End Up all Over It The Register 03/28/2018 263
Bit bucket 10 Ways You are Killing Your Executive Presence The Ladders 03/28/2018 263
Bit bucket Only 26% of US Companies That Paid Ransomware Attackers had Files Unlocked TechRepublic 03/28/2018 263
Bit bucket What is Composable infrastructure? Networks Asia 03/28/2018 263
Bit bucket 5 Common Pitfalls of CI/CD-And How to Avoid Them InfoWorld 03/28/2018 263
Bit bucket To Get Ahead in Tech, Treat Soft Skills Like Technical Skills InformationWeek 03/28/2018 263
Bit bucket These "Humble" Behaviors are Hurting Your Credibility Fast Company 03/28/2018 263
Bit bucket Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of Biometrics Continuity Central 03/28/2018 263
Bit bucket 'Fauxpersky' Malware Steals and Sends Passwords to an Attacker's Inbox ZDnet 03/28/2018 263
Bit bucket Patches for Meltdown and Spectre Aren't That Bad After All Network World 03/27/2018 264
Bit bucket The Crucial Job Skill You're Waiting Way too Long to Develop Fast Company 03/27/2018 264
Bit bucket Here's How to Retract a Promise and Still Appear Professional Fast Company 03/27/2018 264
Bit bucket The Overlooked Problem of 'N-Day' Vulnerabilities Dark Reading 03/26/2018 265
Bit bucket Smaller and Faster: The Terahertz Computer Chip is Now Within Reach Science Daily 03/25/2018 266
Bit bucket The Brain Learns Completely Differently than We've Assumed Since the 20th Century Science Daily 03/23/2018 268
Bit bucket How to Conduct an Appraisal: 10 Top Tips for Managers and Employees TechRepublic 03/22/2018 269
Bit bucket 7 Tips for Arranging Job Shadow Days at Your Company TechRepublic 03/22/2018 269
Bit bucket Kubernetes Primer: Key Concepts and Terms NetworkComputing 03/22/2018 269
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