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Feb 16, 2019

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Administration Container Bug Allows Attackers to Gain Root Access on Host Machine (Container Bug) Data Center Knowledge 02/12/2019 4
Administration 5 Ways to Get Started with Container Optimization for Automation and Cost Savings (Container Optimization) Business 2 Community 02/12/2019 4
Administration Troubleshooting Application Issues - SQL Server (Troubleshooting SQL Server) Profitap 02/06/2019 10
Administration Leading Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions Diverge Over QoS (HCI Solutions Diverge Over QoS) DCIG 01/31/2019 16
Administration Application Container Security Guide (Container Security Guide, White Paper) NIST 01/29/2019 18
Administration 10 Ways for System Admins to Remain Relevant (Skills To Remain Relevant, System Administrator, Sys Admins, Sysadmins) TechRepublic 01/24/2019 23
Administration Best Practices for Container Security (Container Security Guide, Containers, White Paper) Alert Logic 01/22/2019 25
Administration How to Connect to VNC Using SSH (VNC Using SSH) TechRepublic 01/21/2019 26
Administration What's The Difference Between Type 1 And Type 2 Hypervisors? (Type 1 vs Type 2 Hypervisors) Search Server Virtualization 01/21/2019 26
Administration Enterprise Container Platform Software Suites, Q4 2018 (Enterprise Container Platforms, Containers, White Paper) Forrester 01/08/2019 39
Administration Remotely Stopping Wireshark (Stopping Wireshark Remotely) NetworkDataPedia 01/08/2019 39
Administration Meet Hyper-V Cluster Requirements to Maintain High Availability (Hyper-V Cluster Requirements) Search Server Virtualization 01/03/2019 44
Administration What Are the Pros And Cons of Deploying Containers? (Container Pros & Cons) Search Networking 12/31/2018 47
Administration How to Remotely Brick a Server (Bricking A Server) Dark Reading 12/20/2018 58
Administration We Don't Want to Spoil All of This Article, But Have You Patched, Taken Away Admin Rights, Made Backups Yet? (Ahead Of the Game, Threats, Patching) The Register 11/08/2018 100
Administration Grasp Container Basics To Plan Enterprise Adoption (Basics of Containers) Search IT Operations 11/02/2018 106
Administration How to Detect Hardware-Based Server Bugs TechRepublic 10/25/2018 114
Administration Why It's Important to Assign User Rights Business 2 Community 10/24/2018 115
Administration Almost Three Quarters of Canadian SMBs Don't Have Patching Policy: Survey IT World Canada 10/15/2018 124
Administration 10 Coolest VMware Tools and Updates You Need to Know About CRN 10/15/2018 124
Administration Is There A White Box Server in Your Data Center's Future? Network World 10/11/2018 128
Administration How to Clean Inside Dirty Servers: Good Advice from Experts TechRepublic 10/05/2018 134
Administration In-Memory Technology: Serving Up Application Data To Users On the Go SD Times 10/03/2018 136
Administration Too Many Companies are Neglecting Servers in their Endpoint Security Strategy Networks Asia 09/24/2018 145
Administration P4: Programming the Network's Forwarding Plane NetworkComputing 09/14/2018 155
Administration British Airways Hack: Infosec Experts Finger Third-Party Scripts on Payment Pages The Register 09/11/2018 158
Administration AirAsia's Digital Trip: Flying the Serverless Route Networks Asia 07/31/2018 200
Administration What's the Future of Server Virtualization? Network World 07/11/2018 220
Administration Server Virtualization Best Practices and Tips On What Not to Do TechRepublic 07/02/2018 229
Administration Serverless Cloud Computing is the Next Big Thing InfoWorld 06/26/2018 235
Administration Securing Serverless Apps: 3 Critical Tasks in 3 Days Dark Reading 06/26/2018 235
Administration Say Hello to the Prescriptive Analytics Trend Business 2 Community 06/25/2018 236
Administration Suddenly the Server Market is Hot Again Network World 06/01/2018 260
Administration Cross-Site Scripting Still Number One Web Attack Dark Reading 06/01/2018 260
Administration Breakthrough in Battery Research Could Double Smartphones Battery Capacity v3 co uk 05/30/2018 262
Administration Time Crystals might Actually Exist, Aalto University Claims v3 co uk 05/30/2018 262
Administration Hey Cool, You Went Serverless. Now You Just Have to Worry About All Those Stale Functions The Register 05/15/2018 277
Administration What Is Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)? Low-Hanging Fruit for Both Attackers and Defenders Networks Asia 04/23/2018 299
Administration How Server Disaggregation Could Make Cloud Data Centers more Efficient Network World 03/27/2018 326
Administration Skip Containers and Do Serverless Computing Instead InfoWorld 03/27/2018 326
Administration Managing Security through Server Breach Detection Networks Asia 02/12/2018 369
Administration How Containers & Serverless Computing Transform Attacker Methodologies Dark Reading 01/26/2018 386
Administration Serverless: Should We Be Scared? Maybe. Is It a Silly Name? Possibly The Register 01/23/2018 389
Administration NoOps: How Serverless Architecture Introduces a Third Mode of IT Operations TechRepublic 01/19/2018 393
Administration Server Vendors Push Flex Pricing to Challenge Cloud Providers Network World 01/17/2018 395
Administration Intel, Microsoft Confess: Meltdown, Spectre may Slow Your Servers The Register 01/10/2018 402
Administration All I Want for Christmas is Compute: Enterprise Server Demand Rising The Register 12/18/2017 425
Administration BlueBorne Attack Highlights Flaws in Linux, IoT Security Dark Reading 12/14/2017 429
Administration From Devops to No-Ops: El Reg Chats Serverless Computing with NYT's CTO The Register 11/30/2017 443
Administration Virtualization in the WAN: Where It's Headed NetworkComputing 11/09/2017 464
Administration Build an Ultra-Secure Microsoft Exchange Server Networks Asia 11/03/2017 470
Administration Why Expected Server Lifetime Is in the Eye of the Beholder Data Center Knowledge 10/05/2017 499
Administration 3 Things Infrastructure Pros Need to Know About Nested Virtualization on Google Cloud TechRepublic 09/29/2017 505
Administration Serverless Architecture: 4 Things to Know NetworkComputing 09/26/2017 508
Administration Your Next Servers Might Be a No-Name Brand Network World 09/25/2017 509
Administration New York Police Scrap 36,000 Windows Smartphones The Register 08/28/2017 537
Administration Half a Dozen Clever Linux Command Line Tricks Network World 08/24/2017 541
Administration Serverless Architecture could Cure DevOps Pain InformationWeek 08/17/2017 548
Administration How to Write a CISO Job Description IT World 07/25/2017 571
Administration What Is Node.js? The JavaScript Runtime Explained InfoWorld 07/24/2017 572
Administration Unix: How Random is Random? Network World 07/17/2017 579
Administration How to Write an Information Security Analyst Job Description IT World 07/11/2017 585
Administration White Boxes Crushing the Traditional Server Market Network World 06/12/2017 614
Administration Serverless Computing: Don't Make the Wrong Choices InfoWorld 06/09/2017 617
Administration Watch Out for Serverless Computing's Blind Spot InfoWorld 05/12/2017 645
Administration Why Everyone's so Excited About Serverless Computing InfoWorld 05/01/2017 656
Administration 6 Steps for Setting Up a Server Room for Your Small Business Network World 04/18/2017 669
Administration Nine Ways to Compare Files on Unix ComputerWorld 04/17/2017 670
Administration Data Centers Decline as Users Turn to Rented Servers ComputerWorld 04/11/2017 676
Administration It Was More than User Input Error that Caused the Amazon S3 Outage The Server Side 04/07/2017 680
Administration Serverless Explainer: The Next Generation of Cloud Infrastructure Network World 04/03/2017 684
Administration How to Get Your Infrastructure in Shape to Shake off Scriptable Attacks IT World 03/02/2017 716
Administration How to Get Your Infrastructure In Shape to Shake off Scriptable Attacks IT World 03/02/2017 716
Administration Serverless Computing -- New Idea Or A New Implementation of an Old One? Network World 02/16/2017 730
Administration Serverless Computing Isn't Simple to Explain InformationWeek 02/02/2017 744
Administration Serverless Computing's Future is Now - and Why You Should Care Network World 02/01/2017 745
Administration Booted Up In 1993, This Server Still Runs -- But Not for Much Longer ComputerWorld 01/28/2017 749
Administration LinkedIn Pumps Water Down to Its Server Racks, Uses an Interesting Spine and Leaf Network Fabric Network World 01/24/2017 753
Administration The Pros And Cons of Serverless Computing InfoWorld 01/06/2017 771
Administration Serverless Architecture - Too Good to Be True? Business 2 Community 12/22/2016 786
Administration Serverless: The Next Step in Cloud Computing's Evolution Network World 12/07/2016 801
Administration 7 Linux Predictions for 2017 Network World 12/05/2016 803
Administration Stay Out of My Server Room! The Register 11/23/2016 815
Administration Server-Based Open Networking Taxes the CPU, So Offload to An Intelligent Server Adapter Network World 11/17/2016 821
Administration Transitioning from the Server Room to the Boardroom Dark Reading 11/05/2016 833
Administration Google, IBM, Others Pitch Open Standard for Cloud Server Design Data Center Knowledge 10/14/2016 855
Administration 7 Linux Command Line Tools You didn't Know You Need Network World 10/11/2016 858
Administration IPv6 Servers Beat IPv4 in Security -- for Now InfoWorld 10/03/2016 866
Administration Serverless Architecture Pros and Cons NetworkComputing 08/22/2016 908
Administration Poorly Configured DNSSEC Servers at Root of DDoS Attacks InfoWorld 08/19/2016 911
Administration Serverless Computing: The Smart Person's Guide TechRepublic 08/15/2016 915
Administration 7 Bad Programming Ideas that Work Network World 08/15/2016 915
Administration 12 Up-and-Coming Programming Languages Developers Should Get to Know TechWorld 08/05/2016 925
Administration VDI Vs. DaaS: What is The Difference, and Which Is Best for Your Business' Virtualization Needs? TechRepublic 08/05/2016 925
Administration The Ascent from Virtualization to the Cloud InfoWorld 07/29/2016 932
Administration What Serverless Computing Really Means InfoWorld 07/11/2016 950
Administration What I Learned Playing Prey to Windows Scammers InfoWorld 07/07/2016 954
Administration Your Server Has Been Hacked. What Next? Business 2 Community 06/16/2016 975
Administration Future of the Server: The Data Centre Is the Server v3 co uk 05/26/2016 996
Administration Your Next Server Will Be a Box Full of Connected Stuff, Not a Server The Register 05/23/2016 999
Administration Label Your Cables: A Cautionary Tale from the Server Room The Register 05/11/2016 1011
Administration Rip Up the Script When Assembling a Modern Security Team Network World 04/29/2016 1023
Administration Server and Application Management in the Hybrid IT Era Data Center Knowledge 04/27/2016 1025
Administration Companies High on Virtualization despite Fears of Security Breaches Network World 04/19/2016 1033
Administration Companies High on Virtualization Despite Fears of Security Breaches Network World 04/19/2016 1033
Administration Manage those Macs: A Guide for Windows Admins InfoWorld 04/14/2016 1038
Administration Which Freaking Big Data Programming Language should I Use? InfoWorld 04/01/2016 1051
Administration The Server Market Under Siege NetworkComputing 03/04/2016 1079
Administration The Exchange Server Settings You must Get Right InfoWorld 01/11/2016 1132
Administration Cloud, Virtualization Take Toll on Data Centers InfoWorld 12/21/2015 1153
Administration Data Virtualization: The Missing Link In the Devops Tool Chain InfoWorld 12/15/2015 1159
Administration The Future of Virtualization: Don't Forget the So-Called 'Old' Network World 12/03/2015 1171
Administration How to Avoid a Data Center Overrun with Idle Servers Network World 11/10/2015 1194
Administration Why Client-Server Must Die InfoWorld 10/29/2015 1206
Administration 9 Tools to Help You Manage Your Pet Servers IT World 10/21/2015 1214
Administration 9 Tools to Help You Manage Your Servers Network World 10/02/2015 1233
Administration Solving the Problem of Server Side Flash ZDnet 09/30/2015 1235
Administration 18 Cardinal Rules of Systems Administration IT World 09/29/2015 1236
Administration Microservices: Simple Servers, Complex Security InfoWorld 09/22/2015 1243
Administration How to Stop Your DNS Server from Being Hijacked InfoWorld 09/08/2015 1257
Administration 5 IT Experts Reveal their Windows 10 Upgrade Strategies Network World 09/02/2015 1263
Administration Why You Should Embrace Virtualization IT Briefcase 08/31/2015 1265
Administration Virtualization Doubles the Cost of Security Breach IT World 08/24/2015 1272
Administration Are Comatose Servers your Next Big IT Headache? Network World 08/17/2015 1279
Administration The 2020 WAN Takes Shape - SDN, Virtualization, and Hybrid Wans Network World 08/13/2015 1283
Administration 3 Worst-Case Scenarios When it Comes to Business Server Outages Business 2 Community 07/31/2015 1296
Administration User Guide to Windows 10 Network World 07/28/2015 1299
Administration How SSDs can Reduce Server Costs NetworkComputing 07/23/2015 1304
Administration Sponsored Link - Europe - Build Your Own Dedicated Server Solution DEAC 07/16/2015 1311
Administration The 10 Coolest Servers of 2015 (So Far) CRN 07/08/2015 1319
Administration Virtualization Administrator: 6 Key Skills NetworkComputing 07/07/2015 1320
Administration Network Automation: More than Scripting NetworkComputing 06/22/2015 1335
Administration 1 In 3 Data Center Servers Is a Zombie InfoWorld 06/19/2015 1338
Administration Cloud & Virtualization Require SDN NetworkComputing 06/11/2015 1346
Administration Research Finds One-Third Of Data Center Servers Are Idle IT World 06/10/2015 1347
Administration The Pivotal Role of Server Rooms In Business Continuity Continuity Central 06/10/0115 1347
Administration 25 Burning Questions about Windows Server 2003 End of Support IT World 06/01/2015 1356
Administration Sponsored Link - Fully Configured and Ready to Use Dedicated and Virtual Servers at the Best Price. DEAC 05/14/2015 1374
Administration Sick of ETL? Database Virtualization Can Help InfoWorld 05/14/2015 1374
Administration Sponsored Link - Get Ready-Configured, Flexible, Scalable and Highly Redundant Server At Reliable Data Centers Across Europe with Significant Discounts. DEAC 05/07/2015 1381
Administration Top 11 Virtualization Risks Identified NetworkComputing 05/07/2015 1381
Administration Speedy Servers with Intel's 18-Core Chips, DDR4 Memory Hit the Market ComputerWorld 05/05/2015 1383
Administration 6 Tips for Implementing Data Virtualization Government Technology 04/23/2015 1395
Administration What My Users Need to Know About BYOD IT Business Canada 04/22/2015 1396
Administration Locked Out of the Server Room -- And the Key Quest Begins InfoWorld 04/22/2015 1396
Administration Sponsored Link - Save up to 80% on Virtual and Dedicated Server Rental DEAC 04/16/2015 1402
Administration 10 Linux Distros You Need to Know InformationWeek 04/06/2015 1412
Administration Sponsored Link - High-end Servers That Boost Your Business. Limited Stock! DEAC 03/26/2015 1423
Administration Server Heating Startup Teams with Energy Company to Heat Dutch Homes IT World 03/24/2015 1425
Administration Sponsored Link - Looking for a Cheap and Powerful Solution? Lowest Price Guarantee for Server Rental In Europe DEAC 03/23/2015 1426
Administration Do Smart Machines Require Ethical Programming? HelpNet Security 03/17/2015 1432
Administration Sponsored Link - Server stock clearance - virtual and dedicated servers DEAC 03/16/2015 1433
Administration 7 Timeless Lessons of Programming 'Graybeards' InfoWorld 03/09/2015 1440
Administration Sponsored Link - Don't Miss Out - Best Prices for Dedicated and Virtual Servers in Europe DEAC 03/04/2015 1445
Administration Sponsored Link - Stock Clearance! Best Prices in Europe for Dedicated, Virtual And Cloud Servers DEAC 02/27/2015 1450
Administration Have you Hugged Your Server Today? InfoWorld 02/16/2015 1461
Administration Why Flash Belongs On the Server InfoWorld 02/10/2015 1467
Administration Guide to Virtualization Hypervisors NetworkComputing 02/09/2015 1468
Administration Server Upgrades Coming Network World 01/28/2015 1480
Administration Sponsored Link - Dedicated server calculator online. Get your price now! DEAC 01/22/2015 1486
Administration Will Enhanced Servers Do Away with Need For Switches? Network World 01/07/2015 1501
Administration Scaling Servers: A Cost Breakdown NetworkComputing 12/23/2014 1516
Administration Sponsored Link - Hot 12/Deal! Achieve Business Reliability Through Powerful Server Rental in European Data Centers DEAC 12/15/2014 1524
Administration Heat Your Home this Winter with... A Cloud Server Network World 12/10/2014 1529
Administration Fake Clouds: The Last Gasp of Client-Server InfoWorld 12/08/2014 1531
Administration The Beginning of the End of the Private Mail Server InfoWorld 12/08/2014 1531
Administration The 10 Coolest Servers of 2014 CRN 12/03/2014 1536
Administration The Seven Flavors of Virtualization Insurance Networking 11/17/2014 1552
Administration 9 Cutting-Edge Programming Languages Worth Learning Now InfoWorld 11/03/2014 1566
Administration Shellshock Attacks Mail Servers ZDnet 10/27/2014 1573
Administration Disaster as CryptoWall Encrypts US Firm's Entire Server Installation Network World 10/24/2014 1576
Administration Virtualization, Cloud Complicate Insider Threats for Federal CIOs Network World 09/25/2014 1605
Administration SDN, Network Virtualization, and NFV In a Nutshell NetworkComputing 09/16/2014 1614
Administration Unix: Scripting with Templates IT World 09/14/2014 1616
Administration Beefier Servers pack More Storage, DDR4 Memory Network World 09/08/2014 1622
Administration NSA Exploring Use of Mineral Oil to Cool its Servers Data Center Knowledge 09/04/2014 1626
Administration The Top 14 Hidden Features in Windows, iOS, And Android IT World 08/21/2014 1640
Administration Programming: An Essential Skill for Network Engineers NetworkComputing 08/11/2014 1650
Administration Server SANs: The Dark Side NetworkComputing 08/01/2014 1660
Administration New SSL Server Rules go into Effect Nov. 1 IT World 07/25/2014 1667
Administration The 10 Coolest Servers of 2014 (So Far) CRN 07/15/2014 1677
Administration Bill and Melinda Gates: Stanford Commencement Speech Transcript Network World 06/17/2014 1705
Administration How to Write a Job Description that Attracts Top IT Talent IT World 06/17/2014 1705
Administration Compromising Virtualization NetworkComputing 06/05/2014 1717
Administration Whomp! There It Is: IBM Demos 154tb Tape The Register 05/19/2014 1734
Administration Unplug Ghost Servers, Save a Bundle InfoWorld 05/09/2014 1744
Administration Heartbleed Bug can Expose Private Server Encryption Keys ComputerWorld 04/14/2014 1769
Administration Boiling Liquid to Cool Your Servers Data Center Knowledge 04/09/2014 1774
Administration Network Virtualization the Right Way NetworkComputing 04/07/2014 1776
Administration 7 Habits of Highly Successful Unix Admins IT World 04/05/2014 1778
Administration Save Your Servers: Three Ways to Reduce the Threat of Viruses Business 2 Community 04/04/2014 1779
Administration SDN: Programming Skills Needed - Or Not? NetworkComputing 04/02/2014 1781
Administration How 13 Programming Languages Got Their Names Network World 03/19/2014 1795
Administration Unix: Networking Basics for the Beginner IT World 03/16/2014 1798
Administration UNIX: Pranks that Sys Admins Play IT World 03/09/2014 1805
Administration UNIX: Making Better Use of the Find Command IT World 03/01/2014 1813
Administration Ultimate Cloud Speed Tests: Amazon vs. Google vs. Windows Azure InfoWorld 02/26/2014 1816
Administration Understanding the Differences Between Software Defined Networking, Network Virtualization and Network Functions Virtualization Network World 02/11/2014 1831
Administration 12 Predictions for the Future of Programming InfoWorld 02/03/2014 1839
Administration Unix: Tracking Down Ghost Accounts IT World 02/01/2014 1841
Administration 4 Ways Network Virtualization Improves Security InfoWorld 12/18/2013 1886